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Cargo transportation to Russia is usually road trucking. Roadways and transport equipment, with each year getting better and better. The country is developing and thanks to modern means of communication, the cargo traffic is under constant control. Care of the goods is provided by tracking the vehicle by satellite, strict observance of the route using secure Parking for holiday drivers. More often on the roads of our country meet tent trailers. Geography use the such mode of trailers is much wider than the dry container or refrigerator, because the container is limited to the time for return of the container to the port, and refrigerator-time delivery of products or shelf-life of products. Modern freight train is safe and comfortable home on wheels for the driver and warehouse "A" class for your cargo.

Reliability and speed are the most important for transportation by Russia.


Quality. The company FINCARGO works in the market of transport-forwarding services for 10 years, it is with experience and reliability we have everything in order.

Speed. Cargo transportations in Russia, in contrast to international traffic, do not require customs clearance of goods, so they provided in much shorter time. Delivery in Russia, depending on the city and type of transportation, usually takes from one day to 2 weeks.

Security. With our company You can be assured of safety of Your cargo. We will provide the optimal conditions of delivery, focusing on its technical characteristics.

Cargo insurance. We guarantee safety of Your cargo by making insurance your cargo during its transportation.

Taking care of the cargo. During transportation, we are ready at any moment to inform You about the cargo location.

Acceptable cost. We offer adequate rates for cargo transportation in Russia due to the interest in permanent downloads.