General Cargo delivery // RUSSIA


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General cargo - the packaged goods (products), which is transported in the package. As the packaging can be used boxes, bags, drums, big bags, containers, bales, packages, and other types of packaging of the goods. For the carriage of General cargo required a full cargo unit container, wagon, lorry. Such goods can determine by size: regular, long and non-gabarit, and by weight - to heavyweight and lightweight.

Competitive rates with the best quality

  • In accordance with the terms and cost of delivery, will find for You a reasonable route.
  • Provide and check the vehicle for successful transport of Your cargo.
  • Will provide continuous monitoring of the location of the cargo at any time.
  • Guarantee safety.
  • We take responsibility for preparation of transport documents for the carriage of General cargo.
  • We timely deliver goods to any region of the Russian Federation.
  • Ensure careful handling of the cargo at all stages of transportation.

Transportation of General cargo takes much less time than the LCL, because of one cargo is delivered to a single recipient from the same sender.

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