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Our specialty is marine container transportation from China, Korea, Pakistan, India and the United States to Finland (port of Kotka, Helsinki). Next, delivery your container by truck to the Russian Federation. Destination in Russia can be anything.

Best rates and transit time on the containers from China, Korea, Pakistan, India and America we guarantee.

We work with several shipping lines and compete with us on price for the transportation of containers by only a few.


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Mostly Chinese and Korean suppliers deliver the goods FOB - Chinese / Korean port.

Sea rates fluctuate very much, often twice each month. The global capitalist crisis is the main reason of fluctuations. For example, the forty-foot shipping container (40DC or 40HC), can cost in the beginning of the month 3300 USD, and since the 15 th of the same month 2300 USD. The sea container lines every month "nightmare" of customers by raising rates, but goods are absent. So they have actually bluffing, thereby creating artificial hype.

Our approach in establishing the rates is several different. Our customers are serious and successful companies, so we offer rates, reflecting the reality without unnecessary excesses, and significantly lower than that of other colleagues.

The main ports in China and the base rates to Kotka in USD per container 20DC/40DC/40HC for 2018:

- Dalian / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Fuzhou / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Foshan / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Guangzhou / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Huangpu / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Ningbo / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Qingdao / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Shanghai / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Shantou / $1850 / $2600 / $2600
- Tianjin, Xingang / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Xiamen $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Yantian (Shenzhen) / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Zhenjiang / Genlang / $1850 / $2500 / $2500

"Little Chinas":
- Hong Kong / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Singapore / $1850 / $2500 / $2500
- Taichung, Taiwan / $1850 / $2500 / $2500

The main cargo port in Korea:

- Pusan (Busan) / $1850 / $2600 / $2600

The seaports of the United States:

- Baltimore, USA
- Charleston, USA
- Chicago, USA
- Cleveland, USA
- Galveston, USA
- Houston, USA
- Jacksonville, USA
- Long Beach, USA
- Los Angeles, USA
- Miami, USA
- New York & New Jersey, USA
- Norfolk, USA
- Oakland / Oakland, United States
- Port Arthur / Port Arthur, United States
- Portland / Portland, United States
- Richmond / Richmond, United States
- San Diego / San Diego, USA
- Savannah / Savannah, United States
- Siete / Seattle, USA
- Tacoma / Tacoma, USA
- Wilmington / Wilmington, USA

Why not to the port of Saint-Petersburg?

Delivery Russian cargoes using container ports in Finland or the Baltic States is quite a common occurrence due to customs regulations established by the FCS [Federal Customs System].

It's simple: if the container has arrived in the port of Saint-Petersburg, the Consignee needs to perform customs clearance at the Baltic customs. It's quite inconvenient if the consignee is not in St. Petersburg and wants done customs clearance the goods using other Russian Customs point. It is necessary to make ICT (internal customs transit) to a customs office of destination, and that, as a rule, does not like to make the Baltic customs.

Marine shoulder China / Korea / USA - Finland more popular shoulder China/Korea/America - the Baltic States for two main reasons:

1. sea freight in Finnish ports is cheaper;
2. trucking container to Russia from Finland also cheaper.


Choosing us as your logistic partner, Customer waiting for a pleasant surprise, namely, the availability of official ruble payments for international transport, You no need to pay in foreign currency abroad. Our rates are tied to the rate of the CBR without additional fees.

Advantages of container shipping:

  • Safely. Modern containers are rugged and fully sealed.
  • Advantageously. We work with shipping lines on a permanent contract basis. This means that marine shipping container regardless of the current hustle and bustle of the market, it is easier to say - the rates are fixed for a year with the maximum benefit for us, but subject to the fulfillment of the plan of shipments during the year under the current contract.
  • Without a lot of hassle. All long way Your shipment follows is under one seal, because when changing mode of transport and transit ports on the entire journey don't need to get the cargo from the container. That is, the container loaded the sender, for example, in China, be unloaded in Your warehouse, for example, in Nizhny Novgorod. Therefore, container shipping are a popular form of delivery of various cargoes.
From Delivery terms to Moscow Container type
Size in feet Type
South-East Asia 45-50 days 20', 40', 40HC, 45' Standart, Refrigerated, Open Top, Flat Rack, High Cube
North America 25-30 days
South America 35-45 days
Europe 10-20 days

Within service we make:

  • Provide an empty container for loading goods to Your Sender
  • Ensure the execution of all necessary export shipping documents from the Sender
  • Surrender marine lines loaded and executed on the export container at the port of departure
  • Get the container shipping lines at the port of destination and make paperwork for onward transportation by land
  • We deliver the container to the customs in Russia
  • Deliver customs cleared container to your warehouse
  • Return the empty container to the port on the terminal marine lines