International cargo service

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International multimodal transport of goods is our job, and we are happy to offer a quality service by sea, road and air transport from Asia, USA and Europe.

Delivery of goods to Russia from all over the world with proven delivery schemes, through consolidation warehouses in: China, Germany, Estonia and Finland.

International cargo delivery

Transportation of cargoes were, are and will be under any rule and economic situation in the country, because they are the Prime mover of the economy, even if there is no (or almost none) of the pillars of the economy as construction and industry.

Undoubtedly, there will be new modes of transport and routes of delivery. Current technology greatly increases the reliability and speed of delivery. But it is important to remember that professional knowledge and skills has not been canceled. You must carry out, involving experts of their craft, otherwise all progress will be worthless, not to mention the risks for cargo.

With attention and willingness we service by a particular traffic flow, taking into account all the nuances associated with loading, prepared documents, border crossing and customs clearance in Russia. 

Services for international cargo transportation

  • Development of schemes of cargo transportation. Managers will develop a convenient route to absolute balance between delivery time and transportation cost.
  • International delivery of consolidated cargoes. Consolidated cargo is always partial load, i.e. the track body filled with multiple recipients, not interconnected. The customer pays only for the location of their cargo and the Carrier moves not only the air but actually a whole volume of their vehicles.
  • International shipping general cargo. General cargo is a cargo, entirely covering at least one transport unit, such as a trailer, container, rail vagon. General cargo can be oversized also.
  • International road freight transport. Delivery of cargoes by motor transport in Russia is carried out reliably, efficiently and profitable for our Customers.
  • Sea container shipping is the most popular way of transportation of goods from South-East Asia and America. Different types of containers will provide transportation for all parties overall and liquid cargo.
  • Aircargo international transportation. Air cargo services are in compliance with all safety requirements. The calculation of tariffs is subject to the requirements in terms of delivery on the basis of favorable pricing of Russian and foreign airlines.
  • Multimodal freight transportation. Multimodal or combined transport is the carriage of goods under a single contract, but performed at least several modes of transport in any combination. The advantage of multimodal transportation that before the Customer meets one company instead of several. Therefore, disappears the lack of coordination between different stages of transportation and improve the quality of delivery of international cargo.

Related services for international cargo transportation

  • Taking care of the cargo. We are ready at any time to inform the Customer about the location of the cargo.
  • Services for clearance. Entrust customs clearance specialists in their field, and your mood has improved! International delivery of goods requires certain knowledge, especially supporting documents. Experts FINCARGO will ensure the processing of documents at any stage of the movement of Your cargo from operations in the country of shipment to the customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Processing and storage services. Storage of consignments at customs warehouse, waiting for the import to the Russian Federation due to a number of reasons may take considerable time. We can offer all possible warehouse operations in Estonia and Finland, and reliable, profitable and at any time.