Consolidated cargoes


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Delivery of consolidated cargoes is an important factor in the development of business in General, and particularly small and medium. It is often necessary to quickly bring product samples or trial batch.
Our company will solve all problems with a supplier, certification bodies and ensure the delivery of cargo "door to door" with obligatory notification of the Customer about the delivery status of his cargo.

Consolidated cargo

Unlike general cargo, consolidated cargo - merges various small goods in one truck party for cost-effective price for owners of small cargo, and for the carrier.
The main thing you need to understand, the delivery of small goods is always more expensive than shipping a full trailer or container.
General cargo is usually begin from 0.5 m3 or 50 kg, all that less is already courier delivery or private route and method of delivery. Although, as a rule, even very expensive cargo volume less than 1 m3 to carry not profitable due to the large number of bureaucratic and customs formalities. However, there are always exceptions.It is worth noting about the timing of delivery of consolidated cargoes. Only aircraft can deliver cargo quickly, other modes of transport will always ride or swim much longer, we are saying about direct trailer or container. All depends about the consolidation of shipment.

We deliver general cargo from anywhere points in the world.

Shipping international groupage cargoes

The consolidation warehouse organizes consignment and send to Russia without delay. International transportation of cargoes make sense when minimized delay of cargo at intermediate stages of transportation.

Our services:

  • A preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation
  • International transport of goods
  • International multimodal transport of goods
  • International air cargo
  • International sea container transportations of cargoes
  • Preparation of cargoes for transportation
  • Processing services and storage services
  • Services for customs clearance

Full service includes:

  • Selection of the optimal route
  • The paperwork and customs services
  • Storage of goods in warehouses, including: packaging, repackaging, labeling
  • Certification of goods
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cargo support

Trusting international transportation of cargoes us, You can be assured that Your cargo will be delivered without damage reliably and on time.