General cargo

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General cargo entirely occupied by at least one transport unit, such as a trailer, container, rail vagon. General cargo can be oversized. In this case, need a special equipment and transportation in compliance with the permitted route. General cargo are consumer goods, equipment, raw materials, construction materials, finished products, electronic components and so on.
Shipping general cargo is the main services of our company.
Extensive agency network on main directions of the movement of goods in Russia, countries such as Germany, Finland, Estonia, China, USA, Korea, India, Pakistan, give our company the opportunity to realize the optimum logistical tasks, given the unique needs of each Customer. Development of individual route of delivery by road, sea and air - transport - it is normal practice.
A big plus general cargo is freedom in the choice of delivery and shipment of goods.

Delivery term of general cargo to Moscow:

Germany 9 days Swiss 10 days Austria 9 days
Czech Republic 7 days Poland 7 days Эстония 4 days
Latvia 4 days Lietuva 4 days Denmark 8 days
Sweden 8 days Finland 3 days Belgium 10 days
Holland 11 days Slovenia 10 days Hungary 9 days
France 11 days Spain 12 days Portugal 12 days
Italy 12 days England 10 days Bulgary 8 days
Turkey 13 days Greece 12 days    

Delivery term of general cargo to Moscow:

Pakistan 45 days India 45 days
Brasilia 40 days USA 32 days
Korea 50 days China 45 days
Taiwan 45 days Malaysia 45 days

Full service includes:

  • Selection of the optimal route
  • The paperwork and customs services
  • Storage of goods in warehouses, including: packaging, repackaging, labeling
  • Certification of goods
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cargo support