Road freight

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Road transport is the most common form of transport due to the ease of access to the place of loading and unloading without the use of additional intermediate operations, such as sea port, railway station, airport. The truck can arrive directly to the consignor, loaded and then start go to the Consignee. It is clear that there are limits to the distance at which it is reasonable to send the truck. Typically, a few thousand kilometres one way. For arranging any transportation consider three terms: delivery time, delivery price and reliability. Taking into account the full load of the trailer, this is the best method of delivery for Europe and Russia. Other methods of transportation require acceptance by the customer of the restrictions or terms for the price of shipping, that is, the carriage may be cheap, but long (rail, sea or road), expensive, but fast (air).

We cooperate with reliable carriers in the EU and Russia and offer all related services for the successful transport of your goods from Europe to Russia, namely:

  • Delivery of empty truck to the warehouse of the supplier
  • Making export accompanying documents for the cargo
  • Shipping to the customs office of destination in Russia, including support of the state border of the Russian Federation
  • Import customs clearance of goods
  • Delivery of cleared cargo to Your warehouse



Region of loading Delivery terms to Russia Trailer type
by type by volume of trailer
Europe 7-14 days Trailer, Container trailer, Refrigerator from 10 m3 to 120 m3