Air freight

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The aircraft is currently the fastest form of transportation. The term of delivery from anywhere in the world usually does not exceed several days. Naturally, the price of air cargo high and is calculated per kilogram of cargo. We're talking about commercial civilian goods. It is clear that to carry dozens of tons of cargo by air is very expensive. The usual weight of air cargo is a few tens or hundreds of kilograms. In general, the main reason using aircraft is high delivery speed. Someone is urgently needed parts for repairs, or you need make cargo delivery before the long holidays, or You need get small spareparts, without which will stand the conveyor, or you need catch the fashion show of clothes etc.

We will be happy to deliver the cargo to anywhere in the world taking into account your wishes on the route, terms and price.

For aircargo transportation we arrange:

  • Coordination the shipment of Your goods with the supplier, will transport the cargo to the airport, observing all the necessary conditions of transportation
  • Complete the entire set of export documents for goods in the country of departure
  • We prepare the documents for import clearance the goods in Russia
  • Arrange shipping to Your warehouse in any city of Russia