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International delivery of goods
Hundreds of companies doing logistics, but implement them with the maximum benefit and accuracy for the owner of the goods may a few members only.

We develop optimal transport schemes, saving time, money and nerves of our clients.

Working with us you will forget about many problems of international traffic and will be better able to focus on their business.

Containers from China and Korea
Our specialty is marine container transportation from China and Korea to Finland (the ports of Kotka, Helsinki) and Baltic countries (ports: Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn). Then transit your container by truck to the Russian Federation. Destination in Russia can be anything. Best rates and transit time on the containers from China and Korea we guarantee. We work with several shipping lines and compete with us on price for the transportation of containers can only a few.

Our customers are serious and successful companies, so we offer rates, reflecting the reality without unnecessary excesses, and significantly lower than that of other colleagues.

Choosing us as your logistics partner, Customer waiting for a pleasant surprise, namely, the availability of official ruble payments for international transportation, it means there is no need to pay in foreign currency abroad. Our rates are tied to the rate of the CBR without additional fees.